904 Janssens
Ralph McReynolds & ME

1969 The year I first set foot in the lofts of Ralph McReynolds and his "904" Janssen's of Oklahoma City.
I was relatively a young man and Ralph was in need of someone to clean his lofts and my involvement in the Sport of Pigeon Racing began.
Ralph would give me a bird every once in awhile and I didn't know it at the time, but I was building a family of birds that would eventually make me a top competitor in the Southwest.
I won many races by crossing the "904's" as did a lot of other lofts across the United States. I was very fortunate to have the last remaining son of "904".

Ralph is now gone and for the most part so are the "904's", but the experience and knowledge I gained from "The Man and His Birds" will stay with me forever.

Bob Roberson
Three Times All American
Winner Texas Center Convention Race
Multiple Top Ten Positions in Texas Center
2001 Akita One Loft Race in Japan
Only loft to place birds in the TOP TEN of the 1st and 2nd race series
* Member *
American Racing Pigeon Union / Texas Center
Chairman Texas Center Hall of Fame
2001 & 2002 Zone Director Texas Center
Quality Racing Pigeons . . . . three times All American